Drop-Down list: Selections do not appear on Mozilla Firefox

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    Asked on April 02, 2017 at 09:37 PM

    Form URL: https://form.jotform.us/60177946628164


    Not sure what I might be doing wrong here, but inside the Carpet Cleaning collapsible section of my form, when I click on how many Rooms, Hallways, Walk-In Closets, Etc I would like to choose, when I click a number selection from the drop down list it displays that number in the box.  


    Although, when I go to the "Total Package - Areas" drop down box further down in that section, or go to the Tile & Grout Cleaning section of the form and go down to click a selection from the "Clean Tile - Full Area", or "Clean Tile - Half Area" Dropdown boxes, it doesn't show me the selection I've made in the box.


    Could you let me know what I need to do to fix this?  I would like to be able to see the selection I've made in the drop down box.  


    Thank You! 

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    Answered on April 03, 2017 at 03:02 AM


    We're sorry for the inconvenience you have.

    I've checked your form and tested the scenario you've described. Also, I have cloned your form on my side in order to check its configurations.

    As far as I test, I have seen that there is not any issue in your form on Chrome. The selection that I made from the drop down menu was appearing correctly in the drop-down boxes.

    However, I have tested your form on Mozilla Firefox and I have seen that the selections I made did not appear on drop-down lists despite the calculation value you've set appear correctly in the price area as seen below:

    I have forwarded this issue to our software development team in order to fix it.

    You are going to be informed as soon as the issue will be fixed.

    Thank you for reporting us.


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    Answered on April 04, 2017 at 12:45 AM

    In the designer I increased the Drop-down Style "Height" Dimension to 46px, and the options I select in the drop down options on the form are now showing up in the drop down box.  As I reduce the height down to around 36px the selections become more and more cut off until they disappear completely.  It is a solution, but now my drop down boxes are too fat.  Does this help to understand why some of the drop down boxes show the selection (as mentioned above in the "Carpet Cleaning" section of our form), but in all of the other sections the drop-down selections are not shown in the box once selected?  


    I know you were forwarding this to your development team, but I wasn't sure if the information I'm sharing here sheds any additional light as to what might be happening.


    Also, on my iPad when I make a drop down selection, I can briefly see the selection in the box and then it sinks down and out of the box.  Not sure if this info helps.



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    Answered on April 04, 2017 at 03:28 AM

    Thanks for you input. I am forwarding your comment to developer team. Sure this will help them analyzing the issue further