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    Asked on April 08, 2017 at 05:14 PM

    Remove my address from your spam and ban my email address. Just got this email of course nothing pertains to me. This is what you all sent to me


    You are awesome for taking time out of your busy schedule to fill out our driver application.   You should expect a rely shortly once your application has been thoroughly reviwed.  

    We thank you!

    AdverDriver Team 



      Driver Application
    First Name AD
    Last Name FKL
    Phone Number (42848) 08403485
    I am over the age of 25? Yes, I have aged like a good glass of wine
    Make fjkd
    Model djf
    Color sdflkj
    Doors 4 door
    Year 2016
    Car Damage Looks like 1,000,000 bucks (no dents or peeling paint)
    Home Address Street Address: dfkj
    City: sldfj
    State / Province: lskdkfd
    Postal / Zip Code: lsfj
    Work Address Street Address: ldfj
    City: slkfj
    State / Province: jfds
    Postal/ Zip Code: fdj
    Total mileage from home to work (one way) 30
    Trip time from home to work 30 minutes or more
    Trip time from work to home 30 minutes or more
    I leave home to go to work at 5am
    I leave my job at this time usually 5pm
    I typically drive to work Monday
    Average Miles During Week 200
    Average Miles During Weekend 200
    Sometimes drivers average miles seem inconsistent or high compared to the distance from home to work. Is there something you would like to explain to us? (where else are you going with all those miles?) pick and drop a friend
    I am interested in...(the bigger the wrap the bigger the check, cha ching!) Full Wrap (entire car is wrapped from head to toe)
    I am interested in a... 3 month campaign
    I drive for ride sharing company such as Uber or Lyft Nope
    I understand I will need insurance coverage of 100/300/100 I already have that!
    I understand during wrapping process, I will be without my car for up to 72 hours depending on wrap size Not a problem, I will make arrangements to make this happen
    AdverDriver is intrigued ... How did you hear about us? Family/Friend
    I certify the information provided by me in this application is true and correct. Any misrepresentation may disqualify me from participating in any wrapping campaign and may be pursued by legal consequences. jflsff
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    Answered on April 09, 2017 at 01:06 AM

    We will send an email to the form owner about this matter. They have their website, you may also consider sending them an email about it.

    This is the form where your information is stored: You can use this as a reference when contacting the form owner.