how can I create a successful cruise reservation form like something below.

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    Marcia Schectman 
    Asked on May 17, 2017 at 04:46 PM

    Ship Name________________, Sail Date________________, Total Cost______________________


    Passport name_________________________( ) Male ( ) Female  Date of Birth__________________

    Phone #__________________________Email Address_____________________________________

    PASSPORT NUMBER_______________________________________ EXPIRATION DATE ___________


    Past Guest () Y or () N  Past Guest Number if available______________________________________

    Room type; () Interior() Ocean View () Balcony () Other ______________________________________

    Occupancy ( ) Single ( ) Double( )Need Roommate( ) Have Roommate ( ) Other____________________

    Charge deposit amount $_______________ Charge Full Payment amount $______________________

    Credit Card#_________________________ Exp_____ CRV (   )

    Billing Address________________________Apt_____City_____________________State___ Zip__________


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    Answered on May 17, 2017 at 05:13 PM

    Most of those fields can be added to forms by simply dragging and dropping them into the form.  However, we do not allow for the collection of credit card details through forms.  As per our terms of use:

    Collecting Sensitive Information. You may not use the Jotform to collect certain types of sensitive information, including but not limited to credit card information and any type of login credentials. You may collect some sensitive information such as social security numbers or driver’s license numbers, but you are required to use best security practices of Jotform including SSL and Encrypted Forms features. You are solely responsible for compliance with any data protection and privacy laws and rules applicable to the sensitive information.

    We have recently needed to become much strict on this due to becoming PCI compliant. 

    If you require payment authorization, that can be done through one of our many payment processors: