Google Spreadsheet Integration: When sheet is exported numbers in Submission ID field are replaced with zero from 15th number

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    Asked on June 17, 2017 at 05:24 PM

    There is still issues with your current fix.

    The TEXT() function in Google Sheets seems to only support 15 character numbers. If you download a Google Sheet with =TEXT("360542720702646389";"0") as an Excel-fil, you will see that it only shows the first 15 characters and then pads the rest with zero's.

    Beacuse of the limits of the TEXT(), shouldn't you enter the values as plain digits in Google Sheet instead?

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    Answered on June 17, 2017 at 05:39 PM

    I was able to replicate this issue and I forwarded this issue to our backend team for further checking.

    We will inform you through this thread about the progress of this issue.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Answered on July 04, 2017 at 02:36 PM

    Is there any news on this issue?

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    Answered on July 04, 2017 at 02:57 PM

    Hello agilo,

    Unfortunately we have not received any update from our backend team yet. Upon checking the ticket status, I found that one of our developer is already looking into this issue on priority. I am sending a note to the assigned developer and we will get back to you as soon as we have any update on this.

    Thank you!