Drawing Board: Missing images after account name change

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    Asked on July 21, 2017 at 07:14 PM

    Hello, For some reason I am unable to see any of my results from more than three days ago from any of my surveys. I know I asked for my username to be changed, could this have changed something? The text fields show up, but all of the picture fields are gone which are what I need. This is very important as it is field data for my thesis. Thank you for your help.

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    Answered on July 21, 2017 at 08:45 PM

    The issue is related to the account name change. We can change your account name back to amorrjs3925, so you will be able to access the old images submitted from the Drawing Board widget fields.

    Alternatively, download submissions in Excel format.

    Then, replace all the instances of amorrjs3925 with your new account name amorris3925.

    This will fix the image download links in Excel, so you will be able to use the links to download your images.