Can I get the code to copy one of your widgets?

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    Asked on August 10, 2017 at 01:54 AM

    Hi Jotform,

    I would like to make an upgrade to one of your widgets (Input Table Widget)
    Unfortunately you are just far too slow at developing stuff yourselves and you don't give your customers any indication of how a request is tracking in the road map. So for these reasons I am not submitting this as a feature request.

    I would like to add an option to your Input Table widget which allows us to toggle (show/hide) rows with no data input into adjacent cells. 

    An example case would be for us a really large input table with approx 100 rows. But only about 6 will be relevant to each submission. So when going to edit the form submission I dont really want to see all 100 rows but instead only the ones which have had data input to them. 

    So my question to you is: 
    Is there a place or way for me to get your [Input Table] widget code so I can duplicate it and add this feature? 

    If the feature works I am happy for Jotform to adopt it and add it to their native widget. I just cant wait for the long process of you guys developing it as this feature is really urgent and we need it fast.

    Thank You

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    Answered on August 10, 2017 at 06:47 AM

    I am sorry to hear that you felt that way about JotForm. However as you can imagine there is a huge amount of workload on our developers, and we are trying our best to please your demands. You would share your widget requests or ideas with us here:

    Unfortunately, I am not able to share Input Table widget's codes with you but you can check the following sites to have more detailed information about how to develop widgets for JotForm:

    Also, you might like to check the source codes by left clicking on the widgets and choosing "inspect" option. Most of the codes are available there.