Is it possible to create more efficient form?

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    Asked on September 23, 2017 at 12:21 AM

    In short I am creating a form for a probation reporting system in which each user fills out a form each day to see if they need to report to probation.  Ideally there would be some sort of a randomizer widget that would allow each user to be assigned a certain number of reports per week or month that would plug into the form.  Assuming there is no such app or widget I would like to open dialog into how this type of advanced form could be structured to meet this need.  For a basic example lets assume 3 subjects, Chris,Tom, Jim.  Chris has to report 7 days a month, Tom 14 days a month, Jim 20 days a month.  Currently my solution would be to pick a calendar day for each of the days each person would have to report and make it a condition for that day to report (this would be a lot of work), now as the subject filled out the form either it would respond that he did not have to report or he did if the conditions were met.  I simply need a way to make this more efficient in not having to enter so many conditions in.

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    Answered on September 23, 2017 at 02:59 AM

    So basically you would need a form where when they fill it an automatic email will go to them saying they should or shouldn't report that day?

    I'm afraid we don't have such widget. So the only way would be by using conditions. And the easiest way is to set one calendar field in the form that will be hidden and which default day would be the current date.

    So the date would be with current date:

    And hidden:

    I created these notifiers:

    And then these conditions should be created:

    So the appropriate notifier will be sent if the date is correct.

    Unfortunately, I don't see a shorter path in creating such form.

    Hope it helps.

    Thank you!