PayPal Donation Form: How do I get selected purpose item transferred to Paypal?

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    Asked on September 30, 2017 at 04:08 PM

    I have created a donation form with option to select a purpose from a drop down menu. How do I get the selected purpose item to transfer to Paypal pu

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    Answered on September 30, 2017 at 04:52 PM

    If you would like to pass a certain value from a drop-down field into your PayPal payment field, you first need to set calculation values for each of the options in the drop-down field — How-to-Assign-Calculation-Value

    However, since I noticed that you are using a Checkbox In Dropdown widget, I suggest you add another regular drop-down field with the same options but with calculation values set.

    Next, create a condition that will select whatever option is selected from the Checkbox In Dropdown widget to the regular drop-down field

    After that, add a Form Calculation widget in your form to get the calculation value of the selected option on the regular drop-down field.

    Then, pass the value of the Form Calculation widget to the PayPal payment field. — How-to-pass-a-calculation-to-a-payment-field

    Important: You need to hide the Form Calculation widget and the regular drop-down field so it will not show on your form. — How-to-Hide-Form-Fields

    Here's a clone version of your form where I have applied the steps above —

    I hope this helps. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again anytime.

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    Answered on September 30, 2017 at 05:58 PM

    Thanks for your quick reply.  However, I need to get the selected purpose item to transfer to PayPal "Purpose" field not a payment field.  Currently the form-sub-label is transferring instead.

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    Answered on September 30, 2017 at 09:34 PM

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have an option to dynamically change the payment purpose on donation PayPal forms.

    I have attached a feature request ticket to this thread and escalated it to our developers. There is no ETA for when it will be implemented, but we will let you know if we have any updates.