Help integrating JotForm order form with other plugins

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    Asked on October 16, 2017 at 11:57 AM

    Hi there

    I have a two part query please:

    I'm creating an Order Form with a customized JotForm template ... once a customer has completed the form I want the form to be able to automatically total up the final order value from the variables I'll be setting within the form and once they are happy to proceed to send the Checkout total to PayPal to collect the customer's payment.

    I also want to be able to integrate the above process with an Affiliate plugin that will administer all of the following 1)collecting the affiliates details 2) issue affiliates with a unique affiliate number/code they can utilise to direct leads to my site 3) handle paying the affiliates automatically for me.

    Can you please steer me in the right direction for a way that I can use JotForm in conjunction with both the PayPal payments AND a third party Affiliate plugin . I've been looking at WP Affiliate plugin  .... can I achieve all I wish with this. If not can you please suggest an alternative 

    Big thanks


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    Answered on October 16, 2017 at 01:09 PM

    Ok, firstly to pass your total to a payment integration you need to use the form calculation widget. Search for it under the widgets tab on the left. Then drag and drop it onto your form.

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    Setup the form calculation widget as a total. Click on the wizard icon ( magic wand ). And add the fields to add up.

    Then you need to pass your total to your payment integration. So, please see this guide:

    How to Pass a Calculation to a Payment Field

    Not sure about the affiliate plugin. You could use JotFom for most of it. And create a form for the purpose of collecting the affiliate information.

    For the second step its possible to assign each affiliate a unique code ( or you could use their email address as a unique identifier ). And then each affiliate could have their own page with the jobs they have referred. I would use this feature:

    How to Save Forms and Continue Later 

    The third step of paying the affiliate automatically is probably not possible. Also, the system would be open to abuse if you didn't monitor it.