Show/Hide conditions not working properly on my form

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    Asked on November 14, 2017 at 02:17 AM
    But let me bring another problem to light (which I also have had for months).

    See, if you check "Orçamento" in "O que você deseja?" you will see the question "De que tipo de fotografia precisa?" appear with its options. If you check any of them you will see some other question(s) right below it, like "Quanto pratos serão fotografados?" when you check "Gastronomia" for the previous question. I want all of this to happen.

    BUT, if you did all that I previously said but decided to go back to the question "O que você deseja?" and changed your answer to "Apenas conversar" you wouldn't see the questions that appeared after you have answered to the question "De que tipo de fotografia precisa?" (like "Quanto pratos serão fotografados?" for "Gastronomia") disappear, and I dont want this to happen.

    From what I can tell all my conditional rules are right, but on this specific situation they simple don't work. As a workaround I disabled the questions that appear after you answered to "De que tipo de fotografia precisa?" when you select "Apenas conversar" and also turned them into not required fields.





    I know it is an incredible specific issue, but I found it interesting, to say the least. My clients maybe won't even see it, but you guys may have problems with it down the line.

    Thank you all very much for all your help so far.
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    Answered on November 14, 2017 at 03:57 AM

    The issue is occurring due to the option for the field 'De que tipo de fotografia precisa?' is remaining checked which is passing the rule in the condition set. In order to resolve the issue, you can set the option 'Clear Hidden field values' from the form settings to 'Clear on being hidden'.


    This option clears the selected value for the hidden field so that the condition fails and the corresponding fields shall be hidden.

    Hope this information helps! 

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    Answered on November 14, 2017 at 01:55 PM

    On, thank you very much! Didn't know about that option.