Why is my account suspended?

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    Asked on December 06, 2017 at 07:23 AM

    hi, i am trying to log in but it say that my login is suspended

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    Answered on December 06, 2017 at 09:49 AM

    Your account was reported by our phishing detection system as suspicious of phishing activities, your form "Signup" is the one that triggered the suspension because it has form fields asking for customer's bank account details. 

    Jotform implements scripts that allow us to detect real scammers, our terms are clear regarding to such type of forms. Please read the following excerpts from our Terms regarding to Termination of the service and Scams.

    Termination. You agree that Company may terminate your JotForm Service membership or suspend your access to all or part of the JotForm Service, without notice, if Company determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that you have violated these Terms. 

    Scams. You agree that you will not use JotForm or any form(s) you create using JotForm for scamming purposes to attract, lure, or illegally obtain payment of any sort from others by unjustifiable means such as posting a jotform as a money-making program on a classified ads site as an example of that. Any account reported or found doing so will be immediately suspended.   

    We understand this might not be the case with your for,  yet we had to act according to the general rule to be in compliance with our Terms: Free accounts with non-corporate emails, that show suspicious forms must be suspended immediately. 

    Please be noted that you should not ask bank account information, credit card information or debit card information from your users. If you need to process payments, please use one of our integrated payment tools.

    - If you send a proof that your business is related to : MORTGAGE BROKER, INSURANCE BROKER BANK, Real Estate Broker, LENDING INSTITUTIONS and the like. 

    However, many phishers will still use our form builder to steal this very sensitive information and there is no guarantee that your forms won't be marked as suspicious by our system, specially if the account is on free status.

    In the case of your business being in mentioned legal businesses above, we advise to build the form to gather this info , but a signature field must be added, so your clients will be signing to be in agreement with providing such information.

    You will find our signature widgets on this link: https://widgets.jotform.com/category/verification 

    This guide will help you adding it to your form: https://www.jotform.com/help/252-How-to-Add-a-Widget-to-your-Form 

    To make this to work, your account must be on paid status , so the automated system will mark it still high, but won't be automatically suspended, and our Form Reviewers Team (who are in charge of manually checking forms on paid accounts) would set the form as exception. Otherwise the system will mark suspicious and suspend all forms on free accounts.

    In order to reactivate your account, we will have to delete the guilty fields, at least that you provide with the requested information, the bank account fields can be used on your forms.  

    We will wait for your response.

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    Answered on December 06, 2017 at 10:07 AM

    Upon review of your Free account: Itensity

    It was found that you have a valid domain and a valid signature field in place.

    We would recommend you to upgrade to a paid status in order for the phishing detector not to suspend your account for containing requests for this type of information. 

    What we can do for you is reactivate your account so you can continue developing your forms

    and whitelist it in the mean time.

    Allow 30 min for the system to update and recognize your login.


    Thank you.