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    Asked on September 19, 2012 at 08:13 PM

    Hi folks, I'm curious about the feasibility of a unique twist on your forms that could potentially have widespread application. My new business will help families prepare emergency kits, and one of the key ingredients is less tangible than stored water bottles: it's emergency contact information. It's my business to see that they fill out lots of information, but the data itself is not my business. Everyone is justifiably concerned about the misuse of personal data, so what if my customer were the only one with access to the form data?

    So, here's the science-fiction scenario; maybe you can tell me if it's feasible. I sell the customer a USB drive that contains a web page with a unique identifier that links to JotForm. The user fills out the data and then saves the completed form back to the drive. All that I receive is notification of, for example, how many of the required fields were filled out. The user walks away with a tiny SSD that can be accessed by any PC during an emergency.

    Unless I've overlooked some drawback to the idea, it seems to me that other businesses might also be interested in this kind of arrangement?


    Ciao, Mitch Gould, kitfox@EmergeAndSee.Us

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    Answered on September 19, 2012 at 09:01 PM

    I don't know if I understood the scenario, but it seems the setup your are proposing cannot be accomplished completely , just in some way:

    If you want to recieve only required data into submissions , you can setup a custom Email template body and include only those fields that matter to you.

    If people want to access their own data. They could , through an Edit link

    At any rate, the only problem is that you will access to ALL data information if you login into your Jotform account.

    The only feasible way I am thinking this could be accomplished is by having customers to create their own accounts and send the forms to you with only the information need for you, but this would involve a headache for you I guess.

    I think a better solution should be to try a membership solution (an external one), so every customer creates their login credentials and customize dashboards