Auto Complete widget: The Wizard Properties icon and the name of the widget are not shown inside of the field properties

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    Asked on December 28, 2017 at 01:09 PM

    Hi jotform

    I have a suggestion for you.

    I sometimes do not know what type of widget is used for one of the fields in a form. That might happen:

    -- if I build a form and later forget what I used

    -- if a colleague builds a form for us

    -- f we clone someone else's form.

    There is nothing visible in the Build mode to see what type of widget something is. See this:


    1514481107jotform widget type.JPG

    It would probably be easy to show, somewhere on the right panel, what the widget is.

    Sure would be helpful!




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    Answered on December 28, 2017 at 01:59 PM

    I inspected your form and the field on your screenshot is the Auto Complete widget. 

    The name of the widget is usually displayed at the top opt the field properties and there is also the Wizard Properties icon. Example:


    The type of the basic fields is also shown inside of the field properties. 


    It seems that there is an issue with the Auto Complete widget. The Wizard Properties icon is not shown, so the field looks like a basic field. 

    I will report this issue to our developers and we will inform you via this thread once this issue is resolved.