Feature Request: Ensure Uploaded File Is An Image

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    Asked on February 07, 2011 at 06:49 PM

    A short while ago, I was able to upload a PowerPoint (ppt) file via the upload field of my form that is only supposed to allow files with the following extensions: jpg, jpeg, png and gif. How was I able to do that? I simply changed the extension from ppt to jpg! Way too easy.

    In addition to the tools presently available to configure upload fields (Label Align, Required, Max File Size, Extensions, Sub Label and Hover Text), could there not be another button called Validate Image which, if enabled, would use a function similar to PHP's imagesx or imagesy  to check if a file chosen to be uploaded by a user is really an image?

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    Answered on February 08, 2011 at 04:41 AM

    Thanks for your suggestion. I added this to our feature requests list. 

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    Answered on March 25, 2013 at 05:50 AM


    This feature should worked now ONLY for single upload. Go to file upload under Form tools, there is now a "Validate Image" toolbar there that checks if the uploaded image(jpg,png,gif,bmp) are real images. Please clean your browser cache to get the latest updates. Reply back if you confim its working.