Getting the entries from the configurable list widget to export into different cells

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    Asked on March 15, 2018 at 03:39 PM


      I would like to seek some advice about my overtime form. The form is currently using a configurable list widget, however, reporting is looking a bit tricky. I already mentioned this before but entries do not separate into different cells. All the information collected in the widget appears in one cell when you export it. And there was no resolution for this. 

       Second issue now, is when you created multiple entries to the form, it doesn't show in reporting. For example, picture attached shows the email notification with 4 employees from grounds. When you export the list, Only one entry is recorded who is Steven Jimenez. 

        It looks like the way I initially created this form wasn't very optimal for my team and now I'm seeking help. Here are my goals for this form, user friendly and report friendly. 

    The necessary fields I need are what is listed on the configurable list: Date of OT, Name of technician, List of Occurrence Info, Hours, and a open field for additional details. 

    My goal for user friendly is to have a as little open fields as possible. Most importantly, to have logic so depending on the craft you pick, only those specific employees appear. The supervisors will need to have a form available to multiple entries. 

    My goal for reporting friendly is to have this information separated into separate cells so manipulating the data into charts and tables are easy. Also, applying filters would help us with isolating information which is difficult now with all the information in one cell.  

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    Answered on March 15, 2018 at 05:21 PM

    Yes, unfortunately, that is one of the disadvantages of using the widget. It is not that friendly for reporting. Our widget team is trying to improve it to what's possible and would benefit all. A workaround for now to separate the entries would be to use Text to Column features. I recommend the following tools:

    Excel offer this function, but the tool offers more flexibility to split your contents from one cell to another. The tool is free. 

    As for the problem with the export, I cannot seem to replicate the problem. The rows are exported but note that they are not wrapped by default. You need to wrap them in the excel as shown below:

    If you need a workaround other than using a widget, you have the short text entry fields and other basic fields in the form builder. You can align them side by side using our field positioning feature.  

    The only thing is that you cannot dynamically add rows in it. The number of rows is fixed, and they will be shown in full unless hidden by default and shown by conditional logic. 

    I hope that helps. Let us know if you need further assistance.