Why does my form direct to the wrong URL?

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    Asked on November 04, 2012 at 03:31 PM

    Loving the form, and managed to fit it into my site nicely, however Im having trouble once the form has been sent.


    I have created a thankyou page which I want to show once the form has been submitted, but this isnt working.


    The URL of the page is http://www.charlottemay.co.uk/thankyou

    This is what I have tried to put in as the URL for the form, I have also tried variations like www.charlottemay.co.uk/thankyou and charlottemay.co.uk/thankyou

    However, it always redirects to http://http:www.charlottemay.co.uk/thankyou (extra http:)


    How can I change this so it redirects properly? Is this an error with your site? Or a mistake from my end?


    Many Thanks for your time and help, Charlotte x