Smooth Signature Widget: Won't draw the signature properly on iPhone - Safari Browser

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    Asked on June 19, 2018 at 12:23 PM

    Below is the conversation I had with your rep, Kevin, regarding my issues and what he believes needs to be done. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

    Tim Olson -


    Good morning, There are a few of us that are having an issue with the signature box on one of our forms, but only when used on an iPhone, do you have any recommendations?



    Hi there, I'm Kevin and will be happy to help you. May I get more details about the specific issues you're experiencing?

    For example, are you unable to sign, the widget does not display or it's not saving your signature.



    Yes, on our "crew lead 1-1 & onboarding review" form we have a box where we want the employee to sign.

    however, if I'm VERY careful, it allows me start from a very specific spot.



    It may be a conflict with either iOS or Safaro since it works on PC and Android, which device have you tested on?



    Doesn't seem to have an issue on Android devices, however, I use an iPhone 8 and at least one other iphone is having the same issue.



    I have been testing this and I can see the issue, it seems like there is a conflict with iOS where it does not recognize the signature like it does in Android and PC, when I tried to sign on the widget it appeared like if I was scrolling down/up and it did not capture my signature. This will need to be passed to our second level so our developers can have a look on this from the back-end, but unfortunately, I cannot escalate issues from this chat window and I will recommend you to kindly open a thread on our support forum and provide the details, this way we can pass the issue over to our second level.



    Okay, I'm glad you're able to see the issue. I'll copy our conversation and send it their way. Thank you!

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    Answered on June 19, 2018 at 01:23 PM

    I was also able to reproduce this on iPhone 8 - Safari Browser.

    We have escalated this to our developers. We will let you know once this is fixed.

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    Answered on June 21, 2019 at 03:26 AM

    Hi Tim,

    Our sincerest apologies for the long wait.

    We have finally figured out the cause of the iOS bug for Smooth Signature widget and we were able to fix it once and for all.

    FYI, it was caused by a peculiar scrolling issue with iOS, and HTML frames (which most of our widgets use).

    The widget should work perfectly fine now on iOS devices.

    Kindly let us know if you require any further assistance.