How do I collect detailed usage information for payments made on a form

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    Asked on November 23, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    Hi Jotform - I am building my first website that has some commercial aspects - the selling of individual songs or pieces of artwork. I will need a detailed record of which articles are being purchased so I can pass on the funds to the correct account(s) and make sure any copyright revenues are allocated.                                                                                                   For example - I have 30 songs in 3 different formats, each format is a different price, I need to keep a record for both customers receipts and payments and for my records to have a clear picture of may sales trends. The same would apply for artwork and sculptures etc.                                                                                                     Btw: Your site comes recommended by a user on the TalkGraphics forum which is a support forum for Xara web building software. Much appreciated - I miss being able to use paragraphs in this form + it will make it much more uncomforable for you to read :) Thanks

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    Answered on November 23, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    Hi and thanks for your comment and questions, there's a few ways you can do this...

    (1) You can use Reports

    (2) You can use Google Spreadsheets

    (3) You can use Google Drive

    Probably the best way would be to use Google Spreadsheets simply because it is like Excel but it is stored and synced online and offline plus you can also easily share a link to only those you wish to share it with. 

    Additionally we have just released an updated version of our website so if anything gets confusing or seems different than the guide or if you have any other questions and are in need further assistance feel free to ask us.

    Lastly, you can add paragraphs via the Free Text (Html) Field in the PowerTools of your My Forms Builder.