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    Asked on November 29, 2012 at 12:31 AM

    Hi - I have been trying to follow the directions here at this URL: .

    I am confused as to what the code at that URL actually does on the page. Can you show me a mock up sample of what happens to your site and your survey after you make all these changes? I am trying to understand it before I implement it. thank you!

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    Answered on November 29, 2012 at 01:41 AM


    The explanation is actually there. That guide will help you create a session form where an inputted data of a user is automatically saved while they are still on the filling process.

    The process includes 2 forms, the first form which asks only the user email (this is used for creating a session ID), when the user submits the first form, he'll be able to see the second (main) form URL on the thank you page with a session ID e.g.{email4}

    {email4} will be replaced with the real user's email after the form is submitted. To get this code, just right click your email field > Show Properties > copy the code under name row. Here's a more detailed guide:

    Sample Form:

    Hope this gives you some idea. Thanks!