What makes Jotform a better host than other form builders?

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    Asked on December 04, 2012 at 05:31 PM

    We have been with Jot form for a few years now and we have been noticing that there are other cost friendly services out there, we have been gaining interest in another form builder.

    Convince us why we should continue with your services versus switching? What is it that you can offer that other form builders do not? Anything would be helpful!

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    Answered on December 04, 2012 at 06:18 PM

    Dear webadmin

    We really appreciate knowing that you've remained with us as a loyal customer. Another form builder seems to be a a very good solution mostly for Wordpress as they have a built-in plugin to work with Wordpress  and I am not sure if it works for both the hosted and the selfhosted version, so that would be the only difference.  Though we already have a plugin to work with the selfhosted version of Wordpress

    Besides that, Jotform offers way better features  .

    1. While they offer a few 3rd party integrations that cannot be used at all in their Personal PAID subscription, and actually most of them are not available in their Business one, but only in their "Developers" plan  , Jotform makes available ALL of the integrations even in our Free version

    2. As many other form builders will not allow to embed forms in multiple sites. They limit this feature even on their paid subscription. This is not a problem here, even our free subscribers are "free" to use multiple sites

    3.The pricing structure might appear a little bit attractive. However, we at Jotform put priority on all of our paid subscribers, regardless their type of subscription. So, our response will be aimed to those paid subscribers 100 % of the time,  by each of our Representatives in the Support Staff. Moreover, we don't set limits on "updates", called by us as  "new features" added to our platform such as New integrations, add ons, etc.  ALL of our subscribers and free users will always have access to all the new additions we release.

    4. And speaking about new releases:  We are planning to launch very soon our multiuser platform, so an account owner with admin rights will be able to delegate users to the same Joform account in order to administrate forms.

    5. We are also working on a middle tier structure. In order to satisfy the demand of many of our current Premium subscribers who are looking for something between Premium and Professional.

    6. Last but not least. We at Jotform strive everyday to deliver the best customer service experience. We try to answer all our paid and unpaid users, focusing the priority on our paid subscribers.

    We have a very talented team whose passion is to help to best of their abilities, so you can expect always a fast response from our support staff in a 24/7 basis, with emphasis on the schedule 9am - 8 pm (EST)

    You have these and 100 more reasons to stay with us