One text box disappeared both from the form and the submission

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    Asked on December 05, 2012 at 11:42 AM

    Good afternoon,

    today we experienced extremely inconvenient error when one of the boxes in our forms disappeared. This would not be so serious if it did not disappear from the past submissions, too. Now we have a big problem with that because this text box called "Vaše jméno" (Your name) was extremely important to identify our clients. Suddenly we have dozens of submissions without being able to see who made them.

    Is it possible to somehow reload the submission into the previous form or something? Today I added the box to the form again, because we cannot have a form without asking for the name of a clients. But what about those suddenly anonymous submissions...


    Thank you for you help!

    Attachement: how the form originally looked like

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    Answered on December 05, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    Form fields do not suddenly disappear without being intentionally deleted. Do you share the account with somebody else? It might be possible that the field was accidentally deleted by someone.

    Submission data associated is removed together with a field, that is why the form builder displays a warning before it can be deleted.

    I am not sure about this, but last I heard, our developers cannot do data restoration anymore as it is very time and labor consuming.

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    Answered on December 05, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    I want to add to what Neil has stated: We have nearly 1 million users and none of them have ever reported such case, IF this were a glitch in our server

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    Answered on December 05, 2012 at 02:18 PM

    Ok, I see, thank you very much for your quick reaction. This has not happened to me ever before so I suppose it was a one-off mistake...