How can I change feedback button loading text and image.

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    Asked on December 07, 2012 at 04:44 AM


    I want to change picture and loading text of feedback button, is that possible?

    For now, it looks like this:

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    Answered on December 07, 2012 at 05:29 AM


    The button isn't actually a 'picture' but a simple text button that is stylized using CSS.

    You can customize it's appearance via the Embed Form wizard.

    1.  Edit your Wishbox form
    2.  Click Setup & Embed > Embed Form

    3.  Click the Customize button in the Source Code window
    4.  Modify the color, font, etc. to your heart's content
    5.  Copy the source code afterwards
    6.  Re-embed the form to your page

    As for changing the "Loading..." text, I am sorry to say that there is no easy way to do it as it is hard-coded on the script that is responsible for the Wishbox function.

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    Answered on December 07, 2012 at 06:26 AM

    By picture I meant loading circle. Is there any hard-way? CSS injection or sth?