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    Asked on January 07, 2013 at 07:13 PM

    ok. i understand that we can use the payment button to offer totals for dollars

    but here is my issue.


    1) How many kids are attending this camp?

    (I give them a choice of 1, 2, or 3)

      x (TIMES) amount of Member or non member for the total)

    2) Member - $80.00

    Non Member $90.00



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    Answered on January 07, 2013 at 07:21 PM


    The solution to this will require the use of a script and as such, you will need to copy the form's full source to a web page containing the said script. I'll see if I can come up with something and get back to you either tonight or sometime tomorrow (Barbados time).

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    Answered on January 09, 2013 at 02:00 AM

    Hi again,

    First, my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    Please have a look at this demo and if it meets your requirements, do the following:

    1. Clone this form (How to clone a form)

    2. Copy its full source from the Embed Form Wizard. (In step 4 of the guide, just copy the area highlighted in yellow)

    3. Paste the form's source into the body of a web page of your choice

    4. Copy this code and paste it into the same web page anywhere after the form's code

    5. Save the changes

    If you would like clarification on anything, please let us know.