I'm unable to change the recipient address for one of my forms. Please help!

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    Asked on January 15, 2013 at 02:19 PM

    Hi there!

    I created a form and have inputted the recipient email as "123@ABC.net". However, when I send a test email or fill out the form myself and submit it, the email is being sent to ***@XYZ.com (one of my other jot form recipient emails). I've tried several times to change this, and have also tried creating a 'notification 2' with the proper recipient email, and the form still sends the emails to the wrong email address.

    Note: when I originally created the form, the recipient email was set to 123456@ABC.net and everything was working just fine. It was only after I tried to change the recipient email to 123@ABC.net that this bug appeared and now I'm stuck.

    Can you provide a fix for this? I realize you will help me as soon as you are able...and thank you for that, but we are in a bit of a crunch for the form to be fixed as the program has already been rolled out and we are accepting application forms from students already. 

    Very much looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

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    Answered on January 15, 2013 at 03:26 PM

    I see your form  email notification is set up to  nso****t@cric****a.net

    Email provider for @cric****a.net  is rejecting submissions coming from our servers, to prevent this you need to follow the points below, which will help you to understand and prevent email related issues

    1) Make sure that all ofyour form's email alerts (on each form) should be set this way

    -SENDER EMAIL : noreply@jotform.com


    - SENDER NAME :set it up to a field from your form where the user enters her name (usually the"Name" field -or similar)



    Otherwise, if you leave this field just showing "Please Select" , it will make email servers to reject messages coming from our servers as they are taken as SPAM,having the recipient's address to  end up into our bounce list. So please, make sure this is properly set up

    In addition to this, you may whitelist our domain name, if the issue still persists:

    ·        jotform.com

    ·        email.amazonses.com

    ·        amazonses.com

    ·        jotform.co  

    ·        secure.jotform.co

    ·        s3.amazonaws.com  

    ·        static-interlogyllc.netdna-ssl.com

    Since we use Amazon SESsending method for noreply@jotform.com sender.


    2) IF  you do not want our email address noreply@jotform.com  being setup as the Sender E-mail , into your email notification, then you should  whitelist our   Jotmail IP addresses into your email server (or ask for it to your email service provider)

    3) When testing email notification using the Test Email button

    Please have in mind that this button will ONLY send emails to the email address that was setup into your Jotform account (the Primary email address), but that doesn't mean the email alerts are not working.

    Simply open your form on "live mode" (click on "Preview") , fill out the form and submit it 

    You should get the notifcation on the specified email address