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    Asked on March 11, 2011 at 03:16 PM

    I am creating some basic forms for a landing page on our website, but I want to have the "submit" button act as a way to then open up a light box form. How can this be accomplished ?


    The first form is just basic, then they would click on the "submit or search" button,only to have an actual name, email & phone form appear in order to be redirected to an actual search page. 


    Also,I would like a way to send them be directed to a regular page allowing them to verify their email address again one last time so they can correct or change it it if necessary. I also want to auto fill their email address as entered previously so they can verify it. They would then correct or change anything, then submit and land on thank you page.


    Similar to the URL listed below, but with Lightbox popup window instead after clicking "search button" (also, ALL search criteria to be on main page instead of 2 pages prior to hitting submit button and going to Lightbox window)

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    Answered on March 16, 2011 at 02:32 PM


    That is not how the Lightbox is intended to be used.  If you want a button to open the light box then you'd have to do it as follows:

    1. Go through the embed process and grab your lightbox code

    2. you'll see that the lightbox is launched from an anchor link.  You can style that link so it appears to be a button.

    See this post:

    Alternatively if you are comfortable with javascript you could actually put a button there and simulate the onclick event, but that would be tricky and I'd recommend getting a developer to do it for you.

    As to the email address, what you want to do is prepopulate the email field based on the earlier value... which means making a few steps.  Firstly the first form with the address will need to submit to your own Thank-you page.  That page can be the second form.  You can then populate that second form easily enough by appending data onto the url.  See this link:

    There's quite allot of work to do to make all of this work, so please do get back to me if you are having problems.