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    James Pomroy 
    Asked on April 30, 2019 at 02:40 PM

    Hi jotform,

    i have created an Ed an account this afternoon and it has since been suspended. I am aware that I ask for passport details in my form however my form will only be distributed to a select few people who would need to disclose this information to myself. Is there a way you could in suspend my account and I could use the form? 

    Many thanks,


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    Answered on April 30, 2019 at 03:48 PM

    This form was found on your account as suspicious of phishing activity because you're collecting passport numbers.


    Online Form Builders, including JotForm, are sometimes being used for identity theft and we go to great lengths to prevent this. That is why collecting these types of data is considered as phishing activity, as stated in our Terms of Use.

    If your purpose is not to collect these data from the general public, but from your own customers, then you need to comply with two things:

    1. Add the Terms & Conditions Widget (or the Short Scrollable Terms Widget) for your users to read and agree.

    2. Add a Signature Widget so your users can sign and agree to provide such sensitive information.

    We’ve removed the offending field on your form and lifted the suspension on your account. Please refrain from making new forms that is against our terms to avoid this kind of inconvenience.