I need to be able to add custom CSS to the single question on one page form.

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    Asked on June 26, 2019 at 12:59 PM

    Hi Jotform team,


    I just signed up for Jotform, and it's wonderful!


    Extremely feature rich compared to other services I have used, and the single question format on one page is awesome.


    The only problem is the design with "single question on one page" forms.

    1. There is an obnoxious amount of padding on all devices

    2. The form looks horrible on mobile

    3. I don't want to show how many questions are in the form

    4. I don't want people to be able to skip ahead

    5. I don't want there to be a red asterisk next to every question that is required


    There are a few other things, but that's a good start.


    The CSS editor is not available with this style form.


    I feel this is an extremely important feature. There are multiple people asking about this in the support forum as well.


    You're doing a disservice to your customers here.


    Are you planning to add the CSS editor to these forms?


    If so, I don't believe anyone else will be able to compete.


    Let me know!


    Kind regards,