How do you successfully add a link on the

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    Asked on May 18, 2010 at 12:11 PM
    After a user has submitted their info on a form, they are taken to the Thank you Submissions page. I am trying to add a link back to my home page so the user can click on it to go back.
    My problem, when I go to the top and click on the icon "add link," I type in my link address, then add a "title," then press submit.
    It comes out saying something "java temp" link.
    I also have tried not using the add link and just type in my website link into the text, that doesn't work since doing it that way doesn't make it active...
    I'm not sure how to correct this.

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    Answered on May 19, 2010 at 03:36 PM
    Hi bphilip

    It's possible you're trying to add a link to a blank space.  The 'add link' feature is supposed to be a word (or an address that you are going to use as the link such as

    The 'Thank You' page is html, so you can also code it.

    I have successfully done this by creating the text in a Free Text (html) field (find it under Power Tools) and copying the result to the Thank You page.

    The code is:

    <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target=”_blank">word_you_want_to_use_as_the_link</a>

    This will open the link in a new page.

    I also tried creating a link using the "add link" icon by highlighting the word to link, clicking "add link", entering the URL, selecting open in 'New Page" and it all seemed to work.

    Perhaps you hadn't entered a word as the link.

    Don't forget to delete the Free Text from your form if that's how you did it!

    Hope that helps.