Hello, Im setting up autoresponder email and its not letting me put any

  • Debbie Wolpert
    Asked on July 2, 2019 at 9:11 PM


    Im setting up autoresponder email and its not letting me put anything in the "recipient email" space. The drop down menu states "please select" but it doesn't let me add anything. This is a problem because I cannot save the email auto responder. Also, what should I put in that box so that it automatically responds to whomever buys a ticket to our event.

    Also, I am adding a ticket to send in this email. Do I just upload that as a PDF attachment?

  • eda JotForm Designer
    Replied on July 3, 2019 at 3:22 AM


    Autoresponder Email will help you when you want an instant, pre-written reply or you want the submitters to get a copy of the data they  have submitted on your form.

    Autoresponder Email settings are under the Settings section in the Emails field. You can add Autoresponder and Notification emails here.

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    If you don't have e-mail field in your form, you cannot use autoresponder. First, you should add e-mail field in your form to automatically respond to whomever buys a ticket for your event.

    Secondly, under the Advanced section, there is an Attach a File field that you can upload your file here.

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    If you need more information about Autoresponder, there is a link about that topic;


    Hope this helps!