there is an error in this csv file, the csv export does, not correctly missing "","abcdef"

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    Asked on March 11, 2013 at 01:32 PM

    "Submission Date","Gutachten-Nr.","ID","Info-Lackschichtdickenmessung","Kotflügel links","Info-Kotflügel L","Tür vorn links","Info-Tür VL","Tür hinten links","Info-Tür HL","Seitenwand links","Info-Seitenwand L","Heck-Klappe","Info-Heck-Klappe","Seitenwand rechts","Info-Seitenwand R","Tür hinten rechts","Info-Tür HR","Tür vorn rechts","Info-Tür VR","Kotflügel rechts","Info-Kotflügel R","Fronthaube","Info-Fronthaube","Dach","Info-Dach"
    "2013-03-11 17:35:36","06812IH8","10340","Imessung","100","IKf vlL","101","I T VL","102","I T HL","103","I Sw L","104","I H K","105","I S R","106","ITHR","107","ITVR","108","IKR","109","IF","110

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    Answered on March 11, 2013 at 03:34 PM

    Hi there. 

    Can you please try to generate teh report once more and let us know if the error occurs again? 

    I was not able to reproduce the issue.

    Please let us know!