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    Asked on March 20, 2013 at 05:46 AM

    I am currently on a 2-year subscription, paying using Credit Card. I have been informed my JotForm that the subsctiption is auto-renewed at the end of the 2-year duration, and the way to prevent auto-renewal from taking place is to cancel it. That way, it will not be renewed when the 2-year duration runs out. (in the meantime though, i will still get to use my subscription for the 2 years till the subscription runs out).

    The problem is this: When i logged in to my account to try to cancel the subscription, the only option i can see is to "change credit card". There does not seem to be any option to cancel the subscription at all. This is *very* alarming. Am i missing something here?

    I wrote in to JotForm technical support 7 days ago and have yet to receive a reply. JotForm had previously informed me that they would be able to cancel the subscription on the back end but again, i wish to emphasise that it's been 7 days and i have yet to receive a reply. The lack of technical support on such an important matter (payment matters) is very alarming and worrying.

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    Answered on March 20, 2013 at 07:06 AM

    That is indeed very alarming.  Being able to cancel a service should be the easiest thing to do for a customer.  No special email support or back-end operation needed.  Otherwise, it sends alarm bells ringing all over the place.   That reminds me of AOL, back in the days,  and many other companies with serious unethical practices.   I would hope that management takes this matter very seriously and immediately take steps to correct this.

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    Answered on March 20, 2013 at 09:43 AM


    If you want to downgrade your account, you can do it on billing page.

    Click Account > click Billing page.

    If you need more assistance please let us know. Thanks

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    mary ginn
    Answered on April 12, 2013 at 06:58 PM

    cancel this subscrition to clarion ledger.1604wilhurst st. jackson ms.she died.

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    Answered on April 12, 2013 at 07:11 PM

    @mary ginn

    Please open a new thread for your concern and provide the order reference number or the account in question so we can assist you further. Thank you so much!