I sent a request a few days ago and didn't get a response.

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    Asked on September 26, 2019 at 12:04 PM


    I sent a response a few days back (Monday) on this and haven't heard. I need some guidance.

    From: Francine Carstensen <carstensenf@yahoo.com>
    Date: September 23, 2019 at 9:42:28 AM CDT
    To: <jotformforum_1956950@interlogy.com>
    Subject: Re: Jotform Payments Feedback from francinec1

    Ok now I have a new issue.
    If I want to add additional items.  (ex here I have a shirt, but we have also bumper stickers, magnets, and jacket patches) in addition to the T shirts.
    I know I can add another "picker" like the T shirt, but how to I get a calculator at the bottom to add up all the items in the total?
    Or, if there is a better way for inventory let me know.  I have Square connected, so the payment setting widgets have to be in tact unless you can direct me to a different inventory selection option with Jotform that works with Square.  Please advise.
    This is the form in question.  We have to have an option for "Cash" and "Check" payments upon pickup, which the solution prescribed does, but I also need to know how I can add mutiple other items with a subtotal calculator for either Cash/Check payments or for the Credit Card.  I know with the credit card, I can add the additional items for "products" but how to add the additional inventory with a subtotal calculator if paying Cash or Check with pickup option is what I need assistance with .  
    Thanks in advance,
    Francine Carstensen  (SBCSPTO@yahoo.com)
    On Thursday, September 12, 2019, 04:09:02 AM CDT, Jotform <noreply@jotform.com> wrote:
     new response has been received:
    Answered by Miles


    To set products without payments (or in-store payments), just remove them from the product options and add them as multiple choice fields. This way, you'll sell the products that you want to sell and people can also select the products outside of the payment field to reserve them and pay later in your store. It will look like this:


    Thanks for your comment. We are happy to help.