No fields are displayed and conditional forms

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    Asked on March 30, 2013 at 04:41 PM



    Hello and thanks for previous answers.

    My problem: I'm making a form using the "conditions / shows / hides a form." and I have many fields, applying the conditions, it worked fine for the first field, but from the second I wanted to set ... I never see the forms to preview or use the form ... What mistake I'm making? ... original form attached link.


    Hola y gracias por las respuestas anteriores.

    Mi problema: estoy haciendo un formulario usando la opción "condiciones / muestra/oculta un formulario". y tengo muchos campos, al aplicar las condiciones, me funcionó bién para el primer campo, pero a partir del segundo que quise configurar... ya no me aparecen los formularios al previsualizar o usar el formulario... ¿qué error estoy cometiendo?... adjunto link del formulario original.

    1- This is the original list to condition, every option should display options list, I've created some unique fields and other commonly used items to the list.



    2- Using the choice of conditions ...


    3-For the option to hide / show


    4-for the first set I worked very well, but for the second, which should show all these ... not transferred to the final form ...


    5-Note that in the "Wizard conditional" status only accepted one of eight conditions created ... Where am I making the mistake?



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    Answered on March 30, 2013 at 07:14 PM

    I should state at the outset that even though I studied Spanish while at school, that was a long time ago! So, hopefully, one of my colleagues who truly understands the language will be able to translate my answer for you.

    Anyway, the trick to setting multiple Show conditions on a specific field is to ask yourself: "Under what conditions do I want this field to be shown?" Once you have that clear in your mind (a piece of paper to jot down notes may help) create the condition. This is the opposite to "What fields do I want shown when I select this?" (as I believe is illustrated at

    I'll see how best I can figure out what is supposed to be shown when the various boxes are checked but the language barrier may cause a delay in my supplying a solution.