Will you take down a phishing site, please?

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    Steven Semple
    Asked on March 31, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    Got an email from info@cotorbairustam.com with the following text:


    We are a suppliers company to a lot of chain store and retail outlets in California and Indeed over America. The product model we are asking you to make for , we have previously been supplied by a company in Guangzhou. However, due to excessive demand, this supplier has been unable to meet up with the delivery schedules and the shortfall is beginning to bring a deficit on our part. Please note that Quality is very important to us. Below is the link to a shared file,kindly download the attachment in the folder to get full details of our order including required quantity and pictures of a sample product model we have previously produced.

    Click below to download product samples


    We need to have the same exact as is in the sample pictures. If you would need us to send you a counter-sample so you know exactly what we need kindly inform me. After viewing our order please kindly send me a quote and include delivery terms, payment methods and terms and any further information you would need to give me by mail and I would call you on the number listed. Dont forget to drop a direct contact number. Please treat as urgent and reply in 3days.

    Note that for reasons of copyright and trademark, we have personally configured the attached file to be only accesible by you. Do not share information with 3rd parties or use our sample products on your company personal website.

    Kim Irina S
    Purchasing Operations Manager.
    Nova Tradings LLC
    Tel: 530 327 9332
    Toll Free: +1-866-674-3161
    Fax: (209) 214-6565
    7084 Skyway Paradise, Chico, CA 95969"

    The above URL links to a simple form that asks for a username/password. I entered a notional (i.e., fake) combination and got another page with the following message: "

    Server Down!

                                                                        Please try again .

    This message is part of the site's source code; there is no continuation link.

    The anti-scam site Scamwarners.com has reports of scams emails using the same address and telephone numbers as those in the contact information quoted above, albeit with a different name and company.

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    Answered on March 31, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    Thank you so much for reporting. The form is now suspended.

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    Answered on April 01, 2013 at 04:30 PM


    If you've responded to this thread, unfortunately we were not able to see it for some reason. Please post it directly on this thread instead. http://www.jotform.me/answers/199567-Will-you-take-down-a-phishing-site-please#2