How to go back and complete a payment at a later date?

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    Asked on April 09, 2013 at 09:56 PM

    I'm sure I'm missing this question somewhere, I just can't seem to find the right combination of words to search.


    We use one of our forms for a large sports tournament.  We often have people register as competitors but not complete the payment through Paypal.  This ends up with the registration in pending status.  We would like to be able to send the registrant a link back to their existing (pending) registration so they can complete the payment in those cases where they did not pay, rather than having them re-register and refill out the form (our registration form is fairly long), and then us having to delete the old registration.

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    Answered on April 10, 2013 at 03:30 AM

    Unfortunately no, it is not possible to do that. You can send them the edit link for the form submission. But, the edit link does not send the user to the paypal again. 

    The best solution is to ask the user to just send the payment over paypal, and then you can go to Submissions page and click on Complete Submission button.