Set up Form - Later add Order Options

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    Karen Orman - Focus One Design
    Asked on April 14, 2011 at 01:14 PM


    I own and operate a web business in Canada called Focus One design. I need to create a form; for drop-down options and pricing for a Star company, to go onto their new website.

    The client may like the option to add Order processing by credit card and/or Pay Pal at a later date. If I set up this form with Jot Form, can E-Commerce solutions be added now or later ?

    Please advise how this would work.

    As part of this form (but without the order processing to start with), the client wants Prices per items on the form. Can these prices be automatically added together to provide a total - How does this work?

    Can this be added without the e-commerce order processing, or can it ONLY be included in the order part?

    Price + Price = Total $ amounts

    I look forward to your reply, Please get back to me URGENTLY.


    Thank you so much

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    Answered on April 14, 2011 at 02:42 PM


    Yes, Payment/Order fields can be added at any time in a form, provided that they have user access to the account the form was created in.

    With regards to your second question, Payment Wizard is the key to adding multiple products in a payment field, and showing total price of items ordered.

    To accomplish this you would need to add a Payment tool first.

    1.  Choose from the many Payment options under the Payment Tools.

    2.  Run the integration wizard. Provide account information or API keys, whichever is required. Click Next.

    3.  Tick the "Users can select multiple products" radio button and then Check "Show total on the form".

    4.  On the next page of the wizard, you may add your products and product options.

    5.  When you're done with payment wizard integration, click on your payment field and then click the Show Total button in the toolbar.

    Example screenshot:


    Hope this helps.