Jotform Weekly Updates! May 18 to May 27, 2013

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    Asked on May 26, 2013 at 09:54 PM

    We at JOTFORM are very happy to announce our new round of added features and fixes . This post is very special as we are also informing you that long time requested fixes and features have been now added!!

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    We are very proud to announce this so much requested feature: You may now offer discounts for your products in a payment integration,  by creating coupon codes via JotForm's payment wizard.

    1.  Open the form in edit-mode

    2.  Select the form's payment control

    3.  Click the wizard button found at the upper right corner of the field  


    4.  Navigate through the wizard until you are at the Coupons page  


    5.  Add as many coupon codes as you wish  



    2. TOTAL TIME :  Some of users need to track their employees total time. This feature can be applied to many other scenarios. Now, you can calculate the total time entered in your form !


    1. Select Time

    2. Set Range on

    3. Open the Properties pane



    And set Time Range Duration to YES , to enable this feature


    The result will be this: (cool!) 


    3. VALIDATIONS : Alphabetic and alphanumeric Validation for Scandanavian character sets is now available (Norwegian/Danish & Swedish letters:  "Æ, Ø, Å" )


    4. EMAIL :  We have added an option to block free email addresses such as  @gmail, @hotmail , @yahoo, etc.  

    This way, your form will not accept emails from such services,  if this is what you want to.

    Simply select your email field, open Properties and set the following option to yes



    5.JOTFORM ANYWHERE!  How They Use It 

    Since we released JotForm Anywhere two months ago we have received great interest about it. JoForm Anywhere is an easy way to add form building capabilities to any web site builder. We work closely with the companies to make sure the integration is flawless. Breezi and Sidengo were first to implement JotForm Anywhere in their web design builders.


    Keep reading here


    6. New Editor Options for Text Area Fields

    Entering long text on the browser textarea can be painful. That's why we are always on the lookout for improvements we can make on the form user interface. Today, we are excited to release two new additions to our Text Area field. You can see a demo form here.  

    Rich Text Editor

    Instead of just plain text let users format styles of their entries.



    1. Advanced color picker in Firefox is now working!

    When users clicked on a color, for example yellow, the hex box would not change to that color

    but it always defaulted to black.


    Now this is fixed! 


    2.  GETMORE PAGE : People were unable to see the GETMORE PAGE on IE: Fixed! 

    3. “Other” option on required radio buttons was showing an error message. Our users reported to us this error:


    4. UPLOAD FIELDS: Duplicated multiple upload fields will not allow to send files with same name twice




    5 BILLING: Customer could not reactivate his subscription because Continue button was inactive


    6. Broken link on files with special characters  : Symbols such as (%, $, &,) or  rtl  language characters caused links to uploaded files to get broken 


    100% love to JotForm!.txt 

    lorim & ipsum files+updates.txt 


    7. Conditional logics Wizard Enhanced!

    7.1.  It was hard to manage long forms with long field titles   


    Now long field titles are not a problem anymore!  

    7.2 Scroll all conditions wizard pages so that many actions can be viewed

    If you had a lot of conditions it is was hard to find the updated one. now you can scroll down

    This was the problem before 


    7.3 Add a Condition Link to each form field near to Delete & properties field icons. That will bring you to Conditions Wizard, and will focus completely on that form field alone  


     8. Confirmation email - document upload link is showing up again, thanks to our users for reporting this to us:  

    This was the previous issue:


    9.  Re-Captcha is now working the same way as regular Captcha ! 

    -If the submit button is clicked when the Re-Captcha is empty, an error message appears

     -If the submit button is clicked and the Re-Captcha is incorrectly completed, a second Re-Captcha (as opposed to the default type of Captcha) is loaded 

    10. 'Clear form' button now resets not only the input data but  all show/hide conditions !  


    11. Boxnet integration was creating multiple folders of submissions, so it was hard to navigate

    -Added the ability to choose "No Folder" on setting up Boxnet Integration

    -So far the SubmissionID is also added to the list of options 

    -Prefix date checkbox option of Boxnet integration is also now available.So that when a form owner wants to attach the Date of the submission to the Submission folder they can do so by just checking the checkbox


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    Answered on May 26, 2013 at 10:04 PM




    1. Radio Button spread property was not working correctly



    But it’s been fixed


    2.  Form Templates Gallery :  not loading Template page when using IE browser




    After : 



    3. Unique ID : Prevent users who does not complete the payment to get a "Unique ID" for registration purposes . This will avoid GAPs on the Unique ID counter.

    4. "Required" validation was malfunctioning on checkboxes with "other" included as an option,Even if the user selected an option different from “Other”  , form was not allowed to be submitted

    Issue is fixed now





    5. Duplicated element name will not change after content change: now fixed!


    6. POST DATA : Generate your form post data and it’s PHP code with this URL: 


    See how it will look like


    7. GetResponse - JotForm Integration via Zapier

    8. Remove Integration button added on Zoho Integration

    9. Duplicate submissions on Google Spreadsheet is now fix


    10. Mobile Safari Uploaded files with the same file name merging into 1 on Mobile Safari - iPhone: Not anymore!

    11. You can now block Past Dates on Date/Time Calendar Tool




    12. WORDPRESS :  Take advantage of this Feedback Plugin for WordPress 


    13. SOLVE360 CRM :  Date field can now be mapped on Solve360



    14. Radio and checkbox can now be mapped on Zoho CRM and SalesForce Integration

    may now use checkbox field as normal text fields on your
    salesforce/zoho  integration. It can also used on every integration that
    supports text field.

    multiple checkboxes was selected prior to submission, the selected
    values should joined together with a comma to create a single string.


    15. Added “Clear Form Cache” on user’s my account section



    16. MY ACCOUNT PAGE:  avatar is now sync on forum

    1. Click on Account  

    2.Go to Profile

    3. Change your Avatar, either from your local drive, or the available avatar gallery 


    17.  Google Drive Integration Auto-naming folder and pdf submissions is added on Google Drive Integration


    18. Stripped HTML tags on the payment fields when submitted to Google Spreadsheet 


    19. EMAIL : Hide empty fields on email notifications

    20.  Fixed Error on transaction when description of an item was longer than a defined max string length

    like to inform you that this bug is now fixed. We now added a check to
    the data we send to If the product name is too large we
    trim it to the maximum size accept

    Their docs say 31 characters, but we have found out that they allow upto 50 characters by trial and error.


    21.PASSWORD  FIELD  : Removed from our Builder. This is to prevent people to use our Form Builder for Phishing purpose.

    Password Box


    22. SALESFORCE Integration : SalesForce integration would stuck on the "Add to Contacts or Leads" step, the Next button was not going to the next step, just spinning and spinning.

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    Answered on May 29, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    Great list of updates and fixes. Brilliant JotForm

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    Answered on May 29, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    Thank you very much for your words!


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    Answered on May 30, 2013 at 08:00 PM

    Jotform is my role model company. Definitely.

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    Answered on May 30, 2013 at 10:31 PM


    Thanks a lot for such compliment!


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    Answered on June 10, 2013 at 02:09 PM

    Works very well