How can I have my Account back ?

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    Asked on May 31, 2013 at 03:40 AM

    Hello Sirs,

    I found your site in internet searchig for register form for my site (blog). I tried to create a form adding and testing few options. I added, for example, Facebook button, Captcha code etc.etc.

    In the notification area I submited my e-mail in case a new member join to my blog. There is an example how the e-mail will look. There are few parameters also that I tried to use and I tested the e-mail.

    I think that something gone wrong, because my IP was blocked by cloudfare for phishing tentative (?). I wrote a message them and the next day my IP was unblocked.

    Of course, I re-edit my form, I registered my Account and ... again gone wrong (The account was suspended for violate terms of use - phishing tentative again).

    In fact, if you take a look of the form that I tried to create (31463238466356), I tried to make the password of my new members not visible for me or others, this mean exactly not-phishing intention. Perhaps I don't know exactly how to do and need some help for put a correct register form to my blog.

    Anyway, I received an e-mail from JotForm suggesting to open a new Account and not violate again the rules ...

    Thank you for Your answer, but I'm affraid that trying to make another account, another personalizated form or using another product can go wrong againg (because of my unexperience) and be blocked again.

    If someone of Your team can help me to do all again, I open a new account.. If this is not possible, my appologize for the no-intentional violations.

    Friendly yours, Daniela

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    Answered on May 31, 2013 at 03:51 AM


    I am sorry but you simply cannot ask users for their username and password. This is against JotForm's terms of use.

    Let us know what help you need from us to create a new account and we will be happy to help you.