Is there another way to edit submitted data besides the edit button

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    Asked on June 04, 2013 at 03:37 PM

    For each entry in the view where you are looking at just a submission, versus the collection of forms submitted, there is an edit button. That would allow me to edit the data for that one entry.

    Is there another way that I can interact with the database to enter data for a series of records all at one time?

    Is there a way I can interact with the database using a command line interface?

    The reason I ask is because a form was altered during the collection process (a period of months). We now have many records where the data is stored in the wrong field, OR several submissions--where I look at the individual submission online I cannot update the specific field because it is not listed.

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    Answered on June 04, 2013 at 04:16 PM

    I am sorry to inform you, but we do not provide any other method than edit button / edit link to interact with the database in order to edit submissions.

    You may consider downloading submissions in Excel/CSV format and edit the file locally.

    However, we do have plans to implement a JotForm API, so there should be some method to edit the submission data.

    Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

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    Answered on February 03, 2015 at 09:50 PM

    Is jotform API ready? I am looking for ways to let users enter the login info so they can edit their submission at a later date.  Let me know.
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    Answered on February 04, 2015 at 01:57 AM

    Jotform API is definitely ready. It was released last year. Check out its documentation here: