Why do we get some emails and not others?

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    Asked on June 07, 2013 at 11:01 AM



    Our the most recent form does not send us ALL of the registrations, only a few.  The spam folder has been checked, the people sending the forms that don't come through have different service providers, and I changed the Thank-you message back to the "standard" one thinking the custom one might have caused an issue somehow.  But it doesn't seem to be fixing the issue.

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    Answered on June 07, 2013 at 11:53 AM


    I checked your form and don't see any issue with that. I checked our email server logs and see that the emails are getting delivered. Here is the log for your reference:

    /var/log/mail.log:Jun 6 22:38:08 us-app2 sm-mta[32669]: r572c2RQ032667: to=<dogluvurz@prodigy.net>, delay=00:00:06, xdelay=00:00:06, mailer=esmtp, pri=129617, relay=ff-mx-vip1.prodigy.net. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (r572c3kS026725 Message accepted for delivery)

    To ensure the delivery of emails, request you to please change your notification alert's "Sender Email" to "noreply@jotfrom.com". That should solve your issue.

    Let us know if you continue to have this issue.