Are the files then stored only on my webserver?

  • guisasso
    Answered on June 17, 2013 02:52 PM

    Are the files then stored only on my webserver? If not, is there an option for files not to be stored by jotform? I don't wanna go over the 10gb quote, which I'm sure I wouldn't for a while, but what happens to older files? They get deleted, or do I have to delete them automatically? How does that work? When uploaded to my server, do the files stay in a folder always, or by deleting the message from my inbox, would the files also be deleted? Thanks.

  • sidharth_kch
    Answered on June 17, 2013 03:15 PM


    All files first gets uploaded to our server and then a copy is saved to your FTP or your form's dropbox integration. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to avoid the files being stored in JotForm server.

    The files don't get deleted from out server and it will be there forever. If you cross 10 GB limits your form will get disabled but the uploaded data will still be there.

    If you delete a submission, it will also delete the associated attached files from JotForm server. Files won't be deleted from your server.

    Hope this helps.