I am wondering if it is possible to create a slider scale that has a text option at either end and allows user to select relative importance of each.

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    Asked on July 06, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    In other words, one end of the scale would say "Red Sox" and the other end would say "Celtics".  If the user left the slider in the center, the result would be 50/50.  If the user slid the scale most of the way towards "Celtics" the result might be Celtics 80%, Red Sox 20%.  With all the survey tools Jotform has, Jotform doesn't have one that will compare the relative importance in one step.

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    Answered on July 06, 2013 at 03:10 PM

    I think I understand what you mean but as far as I know. We don't necessarily have a feature yet to meet this exact specification but it is a good idea with room for improvement to our existing slider. So if you'd like to request it then I would be more then happy to do so.

    The closest I can get it at the moment is something like this http://form.jotform.co/form/31866034304853 which uses a CSS Pseudo to apply Text as Content to your Slider. Will that work for you maybe? If not let me know and I'll try to play around with it some more to get it right. The problem I was having while doing this was that the text was overriding the other text while on the same line but I will continue to try to make this better.

    Here's the code I created for it which you can Inject into your Form:


    content: "RedSox";margin-right:5px;





    content: "WhiteSox"; float:left;



    Another way you could do it besides that though is just to use your form's source code and then edit/add text into each side of the html slider input to wrap around it the the text as you want to put it. This would have to be done outside of JotForm though.