Form submission: reCaptcha is displaying after submitting the form

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    Asked on June 24, 2020 at 05:28 PM

    Our forms cannot be submitted by many users due to reCaptcha issues.  I have followed every suggestion I could find in your forums on the topic.  No method of embedding your forms has corrected the problem shown below.   As you can see, the text instructions are not visible, and the image tiles at the top are not clickable. 

    The type of reCaptcha displayed also seems to be arbitrary across all users we have had test these forms.  At this point we have ceased using the forms because too many users were unable to submit due to reCaptcha problems.

    This is a VERY serious issue that needs to be be fixed promptly. We have invested 100's of hours in to the development of assets that relay on your platform to service many of our internal and external functions.  Please, don't make us regret that decision. 

    This post on your forums most accurately depicts the issues we are encountering:

    We would be ok with temporarily disabling the reCaptch, if possible.


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    Answered on June 24, 2020 at 08:32 PM

    Kindly share to us the exact URL where the form is embedded so we can check the exact display of the Captcha on your form. We would also like to make test submissions directly on it.

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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 11:07 AM


    First a bit more background on the issue.  The recaptcha appears differently to various users.  We have developers and testers across the globe and they all are presented different recaptcha styles.

    We also have our in-house team members developing these forms.  Initially they all saw the same style recaptchas, but a week later some started to experience different styles of recaptchas.  

    The problem arises when the recaptcha displays the 'image tile puzzle' styled recaptcha.  This is the type recaptcha that prevents the service from being used.  We cannot see the text or submit button on the recaptcha window.  Nor can we click the top 3 tiles.  

    Once this recaptcha is encountered, the form cannot be submitted.

    Here is the landing page to our forms on our website currently under development.  Please feel free to test any or all of them. They all have the same issue.

    The issue seems to be triggered by the frequency of submissions. This particular application of your forms will then invariably trigger this bug for our most frequent visitors and users.


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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 12:35 PM

    I am sorry for the trouble caused to you. I did test your embedded form, and I was able to submit form successfully. No reCaptcha field was displayed when the form was submitted. Please check the screenshot below:


    It seems you have shared a screenshot for reCaptcha field. In which form this reCaptcha field was displayed? Is it displayed after form is submitted? Please let us know, and we will escalate it to our backend team. 

    We will wait for your response.

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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 12:52 PM

    Yes, the screen capture you posted is how the recaptcha works for most users. This is the expected behavior.

    But this behavior changes for our most frequent users. It would most likely take you 10's of submissions or more before triggering the other recaptcha style. This is applicable to all our forms linked on that landing page.

    The screen capture in my initial post was from this form:

    If you would like to do a remote screen share, I'd be happy to let you experience it for yourself from my end.  

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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 02:10 PM

    Let me forward the thread to our backend team to look into. This may be occurring due to unusual traffic to your forms or submissions than the limits allowed. If there is any update in this regard, we'll let you know here.


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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 02:22 PM

    Please provide a definition for "Unusual".  This term should not be used so freely within the context of a "customizable" platform.

    From our perspective, our use of these forms is entirely "Usual".  Our internal teams use these forms to process routine calculations, quotations, and many other activities that necessitate the use of a form.


    "Unusual" is entirely subjective in this situation.  If there are "limits" tied to "unusual behavior", these parameters should be clearly defined and communicated.

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    Answered on June 25, 2020 at 03:59 PM

    This ticket has been forwarded to our developers. 

    We will let you know on this ticket once we have any updates.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on June 26, 2020 at 12:40 AM


    We whitelisted your username. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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    Answered on June 26, 2020 at 11:05 AM

    Thank you for bringing this issue to a resolution.  All is working well on our end now.