Auto suspension: Customer's account getting suspended everyday though the account and forms are clean

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    Asked on June 25, 2020 at 12:54 AM

    Hello team,

    We have a customer "jkongo", whose account is getting suspended everyday. 

    After checking with our reviewers team, it is found that their account, forms and emails are clean. However, everyday it gets auto suspended for email phishing.

    Currently the account has been activated by our review team.

    Here are the ticket links: 

    There was a high phishing score for one of their forms 201712743843049 (over 70%) which is now reduced to below 50%.

    This is the finding by our review team:

    "The account has been whitelisted several times now. However, although this specific customer does not have any suspicious activity at the autoresponder section. The form has been used by other customers to have requests for login credentials or otherwise collection of sensitive information. Suspension of a massive amount of accounts under this premise elevated the rate of the form although clean in its structure. What we are doing is a cleansing of the form in the PD rating.

    The PD works with statistics, so that being said.. the amount of times this form was suspended on valid grounds on ADMIN render this form, although clean, as suspicious for analysis. We gather there is no other reason why the rate should be high.

    If there is any other way to stop the auto suspension on similar accounts using this form, we will appreciate the insight on such other ways in order to implement it as soon as possible in order for our customers not to go through an inconvenience."

    Please check and advise