Requiring an input table field using condition doesn't work as expected

  • debcm
    Asked on August 03, 2020 10:21 PM

    I have setup conditional logic on my form indicating fields required when the logic is met.

    I note that question formats that are input tables, will display the red asterix, when the condition is met, however, I can still submit my form without filling in these questions, and no warning message appears.

    Is this a bug that can be fixed, or is this not possible to have input table questions shown as required fields.

    Eg. Refer to page in form 'Agreement declarations'

    please advise.



  • John Support Team Lead
    Replied on August 04, 2020 02:22 AM

    Hello Deb - If you're referring to this field below:

    15965219142489549 4 Screenshot 10

    As checked, you are using conditions to make it REQUIRED. Note that it will only do so if the criteria you set are met.

    It seems it was not met because based on the condition below, because it will only be REQUIRED if the value of the STAGE OF COMPLETION field is equal to 'READY FOR MANAGER REVIEW'.

    15965220632489549 5 Screenshot 21

    And based on the submission link you shared, the value of the said field was set to 'MANAGER CHANGE REQUEST':

    15965221402489549 3 Screenshot 32

    This prevents the input table from being required.

  • debcm
    Replied on August 04, 2020 02:35 AM

    I may have shared the wrong link with you as a test example,

    If you open a form with 'ready for manager review' selected, then try to resubmit, the input table questions indicated do not show up as required fields if empty, despite having the asterix displaying.

    you can still submit the form with these fields empty.

  • John Support Team Lead
    Replied on August 04, 2020 03:57 AM

    You were right. It seems the condition doesn't work for Input Tables. I tried it on my test form.

    Let me escalate this to our backend team for further checking. We'll let you know here once we received an update. 

    Meantime, why not set the field as required in its settings:

    15965278372489549 6 Screenshot 10

    Here you can prevent users from skipping it upon form submission.

  • Deborah
    Replied on August 04, 2020 06:43 PM

    thanks for escalating, and hope to hear a solution soon.

    unfortunately I cant make the questions required, as it limits ability for user to move through form. they may not have all the information to complete these questions initially. that's why the conditional logic requiring the fields is useful.



  • John Support Team Lead
    Replied on August 04, 2020 07:54 PM

    We do understand. I can see that you are just requiring them based on a selection from another field. How about setting the field as required in its settings, then just show/hide the field based on the said selection? If that's an option, you can try this: How-to-Show-or-Hide-Fields-Base-on-User-s-Answer.

    Or if it is required for it to be shown in the form "always" and just REQUIRE/UNREQUIRE them based on a previous selection, please disregard the workaround I mentioned above.

    By the way, the ticket I escalated is still being looked at. We'll be keeping you posted here as soon as we received an update.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • gokhaneryilmaz
    Replied on August 24, 2020 08:09 AM


    First of all thank you very much for informing us about the issue. We have added additional features to solve the issue.

    As seen at below image we have added another dropdown option when you select an input table in the 'FIELD' area where you can select one of the three require options.

    159827087290136259 8f6a1a00 dd7c 11ea 82 Screenshot 10

    If you need further assistance, please let us know.