I have some questions about Switching Plans

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    Asked on August 22, 2013 at 09:38 AM


    I would like to upgrade my plan for $9.95 a month before my account becomes disabled. I have a few questions before I commit.


    1.) Will I be able to upgrade and downgrade month to month?  As this is for a corporate account and our requests are seasonal, we will not use 1000 submissions every month. 

    2.) Will anything on my form change when I upgrade my account? Specifically, will I need to repost my form or change anything on the i-frame?

    3.) How quickly does the upgrade take place so that my account does not get disabled? 

    4.) Are there any other costs, fees or memberships that are not listed under the $9.95 account? 


    Please answer ASAP so we can upgrade. Thank You!

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    Answered on August 22, 2013 at 09:42 AM

    1) You can upgrade and downgrade when you like.

    2) Nothing on your forms will be changed, just your quotas.

    3) Instantly.

    4) Nope.


    Please note: I am not Jotform staff, iv just seen these questions posted so many times :)

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    Answered on August 22, 2013 at 01:29 PM


    Thanks for contacting us.

    1) You can upgrade whenever you want or down grade at anytime you need, you only need to inform us you need to downgrade and we will give you the instructions to do it.

    2) Once you upgrade your acount you won't need to do anything to update your forms. There won't be any change in your forms, just as  said only your quotas will be changed according to the plan.

    3) The upgrade will be reflected inmediately if all yourinformation required has been correctly entered.

    4) There are not extra costs you need to pay. You will be charged only with $9.95 every month.

    Please let us know if ytou need further assistance. It's a pleasure to assist you.

    @ shproperties

    Thanks so much for your help. We really appreciate when our users contribute helping, and they feel like part of Jotform, because infact you are part of us.

    Really thanks.

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    Answered on August 22, 2013 at 02:08 PM

    If I pay the monthly rate of $9.95 today, will this carry us until the end of the month which is essentially till next week OR will this be from Aug 21st - Sept 21st? How does the month time frame work?

    Will I be able to go back to the free version after next week?

    Thank You!


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    Answered on August 22, 2013 at 05:04 PM

    Actually the subscription would renew ont the 21st of each month. However, the submissions counter would get reset on the first day of each month, regardless the day you purchased the subscription

    I hope this clarifies your doubt