Product List field: Ability to add Short Text, Long Text, File Upload fields as product options to input by the user

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    Asked on October 27, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    I don't know how hard this would be, but it would be a huge game changer for my company and a few of my client's companies if I could add a "Long Text" option to products so that customers can get on and give us details tailored to the product itself. A file upload for each product would be amazing as well so they could upload designs for each product. I understand that a file upload might be a little more difficult, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

    I know you can add a file upload to the form, but it would be awesome if it could be a product option so that each product the customer selects could have its own file upload.

    I do private contracted marketing consulting for a few companies, and I know a few of my clients that would benefit from these additions.

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    Answered on October 27, 2020 at 02:44 PM

    I am forwarding the thread to our backend team as a feature request for evaluation. We are sorry that we cannot provide any ETA at this moment. However, if there is any news you'll be updated here on this thread.

    Thank you!