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    Asked on May 22, 2011 at 07:17 PM

    Since today, I have a big problem.

    From my site, people oprder meals with a jot form. As soon as people fill ouy this form online and send it off, I get a copy of this form in my mailbox. But since today, somehow a part of the form is no longer visible. All day long I tried to create a new form, but every time the same happens. I'm really stuck and dead tired.

    I copied and pasted the form in this message. As you can see, the answer/antwoord space behind * MAANDAG 23 MEI , DONDERDAG 26  and LC /VRIJDAG 27 MEI are empty.

    What is going wrong. Please help, people cannot order and I'm loosing serious money on this.

    Kind regards,


    vrag antwoord
    Naam co
    Adres (afkorten mag) nw lelie a5
    Hoe heb je over Caro kookt gehoord  
    * MAANDAG 23 MEI * GRIEKSE GEVULDE PAPRIKA Runder gehakt, rijst, griekse kruiden en zoete paprika. Kaas komt los als garnituur  
    DINSDAG 24 MEI PASTA BROCCOLI Farafalle , Broccoli, spekje, olijfolie en verse basilicum. Kaas los als garnituur Dagschotel E 8,00 = 1
    Kinderportie (mild) E 4,00 = 
    Dagschotel vegetarisch E 8,00 = 
    Kinderportie (mild) E 4,00 = 
    Kinderportie vegetarisch (mild) E 4,00 = 
    Total: 1
    * WOENSDAG 25 MEI * TOAD IN THE HOLE (Pad in zijn holletje) Rundersaucijsje, veel groente in een lekker beslagje uit de oven Dagschotel E 8,00 = 
    Dagschotel vegetarisch E 8,00 = 
    Kinderportie (mild) E 4,00 = 
    Kinderportie vegetarisch (mild) E 4,00 = 
    Total: 0
    DONDERDAG 26 MEI SHEPPERDS PIE Lamsgehakt, uitje, kruidje, prei, tomaat, knoflook, kruidige maar niet pikante saus en aardappel puree uit de oven.  
    LC /VRIJDAG 27 MEI LC / CARO’S week-end SPECIAL KOTOPOULO LEMONATO Griekse citroenkip uit de oven met oregano en salie. Ovengroente en Canarische Rimpel aardappeltjes.  
    .... Graag bezorgen tussen 18:00 en 18:30
    .... Ik bestel een 10 strippenkaart en krijg een directe korting van E 2,50. Ik betaal E77,50 op rekening 9256480 o.v.v Strippenkaart, naam en datum.
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    Answered on May 22, 2011 at 08:20 PM

    Hi carocookt

    Your stating that this issue started happening today leads me to believe that the recent hacking situation is the cause. However, let me run some tests and get back to you soon.


    ~ Wayne

    UPDATE: I cloned your form, changed the recipient email address in the notification to  my own and did a test submission. A screenshot of the notification I received can be viewed at

    As you can see, the order came through just fine except for two minor issues which can be easily remedied by following the directions in the screenshot. It's possible that a glitch in the system was corrected between the time you tested the form and when I ran my test. Please make the corrections to the tags, save your changes, run a test submission on the form and let us know if you still experience the same problem.



    ~ Wayne