How to send POST data and other questions

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    Asked on October 18, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Couple of questions:

    1) how can I have the form instead of sending emails etc.. just to send me the POST/GET fields to a url. I am a ASP.NET developer and I would love to use your form and save the values into my Microsoft Server (MSQL). In other words on submit event url should target wwww.products.asp?name=233&    etc...

    Once the parameters set to my url, I can query string them and submit them to my own database or redirect them to other sites.


    2) do you have any recommendations on how can I add a restaurant menu? kind like a shopping cart that on submitting the form all selected items....(goes back to save them into my database (

    I would like to have some sort of menu, apetirzers, drinks etc.. they select all desire items and then submit them to a particualr URL.


    3) are the form ok with mobile devices?


    please advise.





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    Answered on October 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM

    In regards with your Question 1, you can enabled the form to send HTTP Post by doing the following:

    1. From the Form Editor, click Setup & Embed tab

    2. Click Preferences button on the toolbar and Preferences Window will popup


    3. Click Advanced Settings tab on the Preferences Window

    4. Set the "Send Post Data" to Yes


    Enabling this will send the form data to JotForm servers and it will send them as well on the Thank you page. You need to modify the Thank you page as well and just use a Custom URL.

    1. Click Setup & Embed

    2. Click Thank You button the Thank You Wizard window will popup

    3. Choose Custom URL

    4. Click Next


    5. Paste your ASP page URL on the textbox and click Finish


    You can now start fetching the POST variable via ASP. I am not sure what kind of database you are using but we have a number of database integrations apps in our app gallery that you can use to export from MySQL or MS SQL.


    In regard with your Question 2: You can make a form with different selections of your restaurant menu. However, JotForm can not do what shopping carts do and directly make changes on your database. This is something you need to do manually on the Custom URL you set on the Thank you page. You need to devise a script to correlate the POST DATA into your database.

    However, we have a number of Payment integrations that you may like to use from the toolbar:


    You may also use our Payments Integration Apps and see what interests you.


    In regards with your Question 3: Yes JotForm is optimized and is mobile friendly. We also offer you the freedom to Inject Custom CSS codes to suit your website styling and formatting. We also do support "@" at-rules like "@media" rules for further mobile flexibility on CSS.


    If you need further help or inquiries, feel free to post them here on the forum. Thanks