What's the best way to build a sub form for a field?

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    Asked on October 24, 2013 at 07:35 AM

    I'm trying to set up a JotForm to be used for building firesafety inspections. Annually, I want to track the fire extinguisher location, type, model, and condition. There are several date fields we use for items on our check list.

    We currently use Microsoft Access and insert each fire extinguisher into a new row and each has a sub form to track the specific information. We don't know if there will be 1 or 100 fire extinguishers so I can't just pre-build enough fields.


    I have four questions:


    #1) How do you suggest I layout my form to add my count for my dynamic item list?


    #2) Is there a way to auto-fill a form field with the data from the previous years inspection report as a recommendation like your smart fields do?


    #3) Can I feed a form field drop down list from a Google spreadsheet? 


    #4) Can I populate one field from a Google spreadsheet that would then fill-inn associated fields. For instance, fill-in Model: A123 and get Color: Blue and Size: Large.


    Thanks in advance for your help!




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    Answered on October 24, 2013 at 08:22 AM


    As far as I can see your set of questions have something in common: Feeding form fields from an external data source.

    i'm afraid that we don't have a built in tool in order to populate form field from an external database, however you can download your form's source code and achieve what you are looking for by adding custom programming to your code. 

    As it is not a simple task, you will need to have programming knowledges in order to get this done, you can contract a freelance programmer trough odesk.com